Big Red Liquors has partnered with Drizly to offer quick and inexpensive to-your-door delivery of alcohol. Now that you’ve picked your jaw off the floor here’s how it works.

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Drizly is currently serving Downtown Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Broad Ripple and Geist as well as Bloomington and Terre Haute. Drizly will not deliver to any university residence hall, fraternity, sorority or any other location prohibited by Indiana ATC.



Authorized Locations Big Red Liquors will deliver to customer residences, businesses and special event sites only with the pre-approval of Corporate Operations. Big Red will not deliver to any university residence hall, fraternity or sorority or any location prohibited by the Indiana ATC. Big Red Liquors Delivery Costs: Kegs of Beer: $10 per keg (subject to additional charges for particular delivery conditions)  Cases of Beer, Wine, or Spirits: $10 flat fee Mix and Match deliveries involving kegs and cases will be charged the $10.00 initial rate. Delivery requests should be made to the individual Big Red location in your area. For keg delivery, the customer will be required to complete the required Indiana ATC keg registration tag at the time of delivery.

Delivery Requirements and Disclaimer: All deliveries made by Big Red Liquors, Inc. will be made by an employee with a current alcohol permit. Big Red Liquors, Inc. reserves the right to deny delivery service to any customer, residence or business at any time. Additionally, Big Red Liquors, Inc. is responsible for the verification upon delivery that the recipient of the delivery is of legal age (21 years or older) and will require a minimum of two forms of identification from the customer accepting the delivery. Big Red Liquors, Inc. is not responsible for the subsequent use, movement or transfer of the alcohol products once delivery is complete and verification of the recipient’s age has been completed.

Big Red Liquors will maintain written records of all deliveries for one year including the customer name, address and quantities delivered. Big Red Everyday Discounts Big Red Liquors offers a very generous discount plan to enable our customers to achieve savings well beyond our normal, everyday low prices. These quantity discounts can help you stock your cellar, prepare for that special party or event, or simply save you additional amounts on your everyday purchases! Big Red Wine Discount applies to all vinified beverages including American and imported still wines, sparking wines and champagne, fortified wines such as port, sherry, marsala and vermouth, dessert wines, non-alcoholic wines, beverage wines and all sakes as well. • 10% –  Six or more bottles in any size except 187 ml & 375 ml receives a 10% discount on all regularly priced* wine items.  • 15% – 12 Bottle any size except 187 ml & 375 ml receives a 15% discount on all regularly priced wine items in the purchase. *may exclude some items