What’s better than your favorite drink? Having it delivered, of course!

Big Red Liquors has partnered with Drizly to bring delivery to our customers. We’re testing it out in a few limited areas right now (Broad Ripple and downtown Indianapolis) with more locations coming very soon!

Get the app for iOS or Android, and get a head start on your next Big Red run!

Where do they deliver?

Downtown Indianapolis and Broad Ripple. More locations coming soon!

What times do they deliver?

Varies by location. Usually 9am to 10pm

Do they deliver food or snacks?

Nope, but do call the friendly folks at Domino’s!

What kind of alcohol do they deliver?

Beer, wine, liquor. All sorts! Download the app (iOS / Android) to check the inventory

Can I order online?

Orders are made in our app only. It’s the best way for us to keep our inventory up to date?

Will they mix my drink for me?

No, but here are some awesome recipes!

What does a delivery vehicle look like?

Kinda like a pizza delivery car, but with a less skeezy driver.

Will they drive me places to pick up pizza?

No, but see our earlier answer about Domino’s…

Will they deliver limes?

Fresh fruit, no. Lime juice, yes. Still fights scurvy. Captain Jack would approve.

Should I invite the delivery guy/gal to my party?

No, but feel free to tip them. Brothers and sisters gotta eat!

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is! It’s $20. (Gas is expensive, folks!)

Do the delivery drivers know how to tap kegs?

Does this look like our first rodeo to you? Come on, now.