Episode 110: Quaker City Mercantile

In this episode, Matt talks to Steven Grasse, Founder of Quaker City Mercantile. Steven believes in creating brands and products with rich backstories that people can truly care about. He spent over two decades in the world of commercial advertising before cashing out and dedicating his career to working only with brands he can get behind or creating them himself.

Quaker City Mercantile is a unique force in the drinks industry. They create world-famous spirit, beer and wine-based libations. Their expertise includes conceptual ideation, liquid development, manufacturing, distillery/brewery construction, brand building, on-and off-trade distribution. They own our own distilleries and brewery. They maintain a workforce that includes distillers, brewers, mixologists, chefs, chemists, botanists and creative teams from various disciplines. In addition to creating their own products, they build and grow product lines for select partners worldwide.

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