Episode 113: Big Machine Vodka

In this episode, Matt talks to Mark Borchetta, Executive Vice President for Big Machine Distillery. 

In 2015, Music mogul Scott Borchetta acquired Big Machine Distillery with the desire to venture into the business of producing and marketing high quality craft spirits. He found a quaint and picturesque micro-distillery in the beautiful countryside of Lynnville and the journey began.   

Scott enticed his brother Mark Borchetta to come onboard to run the operation as Executive Vice President. The two have pulled no punches working to establish Big Machine as a foundational player in the spirits industry.  

The brothers are no strangers to creating legacies. Scott’s abilities to spot rising talents such as Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett as well as to attract veteran artists like Tim McGraw, Lady A and Reba McEntire are what caused Billboard Magazine to call Big Machine Record Label “the world’s #1 independent record label.”   

Mark’s impressive marketing prowess is also well-known. His long list of achievements includes bringing tens of millions of sponsorship dollars to global brands and rising stars, including Danica Patrick and the afore-mentioned Taylor Swift.  

So why was Scott’s first order of business to try to disrupt the world of vodka? To create Big Machine Platinum Filtered Premium Vodka., he had a proprietary Platinum Filtration system constructed – the only system of its kind in the world. Trickling vodka through the rare precious Platinum beads creates a smoothness found nowhere else, leading the duo to call the spirit “The Smoothest Tasting Vodka, Period!”   

While many vodkas boast of 5-to-6 times distilled, distilling 25 times removes many more of the impurities which remain in most spirits. The result is a spirit that provides a clean and pure drinking experience. 

But vodka is just one of the award-winning spirits produced at Big Machine. Big Machine Distillery also produces a true craft Tennessee Whiskey, a New American Style gin, moonshine and single batch bourbons and rums. 

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