Episode 118: Drew Black, Founder of IBWE Whiskey Company

In this episode, Matt talks to Drew Black, Found of IBWE Whiskey Company, a whiskey brand driven by true whiskey enthusiasts!

IBWE, as a social media-based bourbon group, has picked many great barrels of whiskey from many great distilleries, including Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, MGP, New Riff, Jim Beam, Nashville Barrel Company, etc.
Now they are scouring for the best barrels they can find to bottle under their own brand. They have the benefit of insight of 700+ bourbon enthusiasts to guide their search. This helps them ensure they are looking for barrels that whiskey drinkers want.
They bring together their best palates to create blends and independently bottled single barrel whiskeys that meet the demands of discerning palates.

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