Episode 71: Making ‘Real’ Tequila With Adam Fagan

In this episode, Matt talks to Adam Fagan, co-founder of Hiatus Tequila. The team at Hiatus set out to find a family-owned distillery in the place that gave tequila its name. In the town of Tequila, in Jalisco, Mexico, they found a family that makes award-winning tequila—traditionally, transparently, and passionately. Together they crafted something unique while staying true to how real tequila should taste. Hiatus Tequila is naturally clean yet complex, ideal for sipping neat, but also shines in a cocktail. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding tequila. It’s made from a plant the ancient Aztecs deemed sacred and the spirit itself is centuries old. They believe that’s where the mystery should end. So they set out to create a tequila with full transparency.

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