A Final Beer Themed Four-course Meal

The madness of March is coming to a close, and soon we will know the NCAA Champions of 2018. At some point you are probably going to have a game party, so we have put together four food recipes that all use beer and are all great on their own or could be a hearty four-course meal for a hungry pack of basketball fans. And, as usual, all the recipes in this list can be made with beers on sale at Big Red Liquors this month!


Dogfish Head Spinach Artichoke Beer Cheese Dip
Image from Pass the Sushi

Dogfish Head Spinach Artichoke Beer Cheese Dip by Pass the Sushi

Recommended Beer: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Take the classic spinach artichoke dip, and make it with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. The flavor and aroma from this spin-dip are very addicting, so make plenty!


Steak and Ale Soup with Mushrooms
Image from The Cosy Apron

Steak and Ale Soup with Mushrooms by The Cozy Apron

Recommended Beer: Yuengling

This delicious soup can stand alone as a complete meal for anyone or can be served in a small quantity to fit the theme of your beer-themed Final Four-course meal.

Main Course

Beer-Braised Turkey Tacos
Image by Food & Wine

Beer-Braised Turkey Tacos with Food & Wine

Recommended Beer: Modelo Negro

Turkey tacos? YES! These things are delicious and make a nice transition from a heavy soup like the steak and ale soup for the soup course. But what makes this recipe so great is that it can be made in huge quantities or in a slow cooker if you have a big group.


Epic Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Bourbon Sour Cream Frosting
Image by The Beeroness

Epic Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Bourbon Sour Cream Frosting by The Beeroness

Recommended Beer: BrewDog Jet Black Heart

Chocolate, beer, and bourbon… ‘Nuff said. Admittedly, this recipe is a bit on the complicated side, but oh, my is it worth the effort! BrewDog’s Jet Black Heart will add in an added layer of flavor than just another chocolate stout and will complement the chocolate and espresso powder in the cake; you will not be disappointed. The only trick is picking which bourbon Big Red Liquors has on sale this month to use in the frosting. You can go with the classic flavor of Jack Daniel’s or add in a bit of kick with Maker’s Mark. But if you really want to be adventurous, maybe consider Drambuie for a mountain of flavor complexity in a chocolate cake.

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