Keeping an Open Bottle of Wine Fresh

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve never had to worry about keeping wine fresh after you’ve opened it because there is never any wine leftover to store. Well done, good blog readers. Well done. But, in the off chance that you encounter a half empty bottle of wine that needs to be stored, you may as well do it right.

The first, and really only, thing to know about keeping wine fresh is that oxygen is the enemy. The oxidation process removes the fruit tastes and aromas of wine and leaves them bland and flat. So in the battle to keep your wine bold and beautiful, keep out the oxygen and don’t wait too long.

Here are four ways you can be victorious with your vino preservation:

Re-cork It (1-3 days)

This is simply putting the cork you extracted back in the bottle and if properly inserted, can keep a bottle of wine fresh for another day. Re-cored white wines should be stored in the refrigerator, but even red wines can go in the fridge. The cold air will slow down the oxidation process and give you another day or two where the wine will be good. Just be sure to sit red wine out in room temperature long enough to warm it up before drinking.

*Store your re-corked wine where it can stand upright in the refrigerator. You don’t want any spills you have to clean up!

Insert Heavy Gas (up to 5 days)

This method of slowing down the degradation of stored wine is fascinating and, according to some experts, the best way to preserve an open bottle. You simply spray an inert and non-toxic gas (like this one fro Private Preserve) into the bottle before recorking. The gas is heavier than air and will settle between the oxygen in the bottle and the wine at the bottom. This provides a blanket of protection. When you’re ready to drink you just pour and enjoy.

Use Half Bottles (2-3 days)

Pour your leftover wine into a smaller bottle and re-cork or screw on the cap. The idea here is to reduce the amount of oxygen in the bottle by reducing the size of the bottle itself.

Buy a Savino Carafe (3-4 days)

These carafes have a two-pronged attack against oxidation. First, the top of the carafe is sealed, keeping new air out. Then, there is a floating stopper that sits on top of the wine in the carafe to protect it from the air inside the bottle. They will also fit in your refrigerator easier than a normal bottle of wine.
No matter how you store your leftover wine, or if leftover wine is a foreign concept to you, be sure to stock up at Big Red Liquors. Ask about our Power Buy option and get more for less so you’ll always be ready to open a bottle for dinner or to enjoy with friends.

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