Best Bloody Mary Vodkas

The Bloody Mary’s history is full of people who claim to be the first to mix vodka and tomato juice. While the origin may be unclear, what is certain is that this is one of the most complex and unique cocktails offered. No two Bloody Mary’s are alike. It all depends on the mixture of spices, citrus, vegetables, herbs and secret ingredients.

But what about the vodka? Certainly, the vodka used plays a role in crafting the perfect Bloody Mary, right?

Absolutely. In fact, the type of vodka you use can make or break the drink. That is why we are here to help you find the perfect base for your next brunch cocktail.

Russian Standard Platinum

The perfect Bloody Mary requires the perfect vodka, and that’s what you have in Russian Standard Platinum. Made with glacial water and hard Russian winter wheat. The profile is round, but zippy, smooth but refreshingly clean.

Svedka Cucumber Lime

Zesty lime and cool cucumber come together in this perfectly balanced blend. Hint: Try with Your Mom’s Bloody Mary Mix for an absolutely stunning beverage

Absolut Peppar

Add a bit of pep to your drink with a slightly spicy and very tasty base of Absolut Peppar. Then, add your favorite hot sauce to your heart’s desire.

For Something Special

Feeling crafty? Try infusing your own vodka with pickles, bacon or other flavors you crave and use that as your base for the best Bloody Mary! It’s not as hard as you may think.

Check out foodiecrush’s recipe for Bloody Mary pickle-infused vodka.

Two more things to remember before partaking in your next Bloody Mary culinary masterpiece. One, don’t underestimate the importance of fresh produce in your drink. You wouldn’t eat a salad with ingredients that weren’t fresh, so why would you forgo freshness with your drinks? The other thing to remember? Get your vodka and mix from Big Red Liquors. We have what you need!

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