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Please contact one of our keg stores for product availability and pricing. Our locations that carry kegs are as follows:

There is a $30 deposit on all kegs – you get the deposit back when you bring the empty back! 20


Tub Rental = $20 deposit

Keg Caddy = Selection and price varies, non-returnable, ask store for details

Keg Pump = $50 Deposit
Keg Pump Handling Fee = $4


All rental (Taps and Tubs) equipment must be return in 7 days to avoid penalty fees. Some import kegs require a Euro-Sankey tap and also a higher deposit fee, i.e. Guinness Tap Rental for $125. Please ask store for availability.
We do not handle kegerator accessories or equipment. If you require a CO2 tank or refill, please reach out to your local home-brewing supply store (Great Fermentations in Indianapolis) or local gas exchange company (Indiana Oxygen). 


½ BBL = 15.5 gallons (1984 oz)

This is considered a full size keg. These kegs contain roughly 7 cases of beer (12oz 24pk) or about 165 12oz equivalents. Average weight is around 161LBs.

1/6 BBL = 5.16 gallons (661 oz)

These are commonly referred to as a Torpedo or Sixtel. They contain roughly 2.25 cases of beer (12oz 24pk) or about 55 12oz equivalents. Average weight is around 60lbs. Most craft brew comes in this size format.

¼ BBL = 7.75 gallons (992 oz)

This is commonly referred to as a Pony Keg. They are generally the same circumference as a full size keg but not as tall. They contain almost 3.5 cases of beer (12oz 24pks) or about 82 12oz equivalents. Average weight is around 90 lbs. Most beer is not available in this size format. 



Kegs must be kept cold. It can take quite a bit of time to re-chill or bring a keg back to optimal temperature if you allow them to warm up, so be sure you have plenty of ice!

As a general rule of thumb, you should allow around 2 hours for a keg to “settle” to prevent foaming.
Over-pumping can create foamy beer. Generally a couple pumps should do the trick and when you first tap a keg, it is generally already at a high pressure.

To tap a keg:  Seat the pump (tap) on top of the keg, making sure not to push down on the spring-loaded ball valve (another way to spray beer in your face). Lock the pump onto the keg by rotating it clockwise, and then engage the tap by pulling the handle out then pushing it down, or by twisting the flanges.

See below for an instructional video on the proper way to tap a keg. 



We do not deliver full-size kegs unless arranged ahead of time. There is a $20 fee per keg for full-size keg deliveries.

Some delivery locations will deliver 1/6 bbl kegs at normal delivery rates, please check with your location as most locations only sell kegs by special order request.

If you are interested in a keg purchase, please reach out to the most convenient location so that an order can be placed. The more notice we have, the more likely we can be sure to have the keg ready for you.