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25 Wines That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Pallet

Thu, Oct 27, 22

25 Wines That Are Sure To Satisfy Your Pallet Every year we see many changes occurring, whether they are for the good or bad, the change is often necessary to learn and grow. This includes the wines that we have grown to love.

Whether you enjoy the finest of wines or the simplistic nature of screw tops, we have listed some of the best that vineyards are able to provide. We can guarantee that at least one of these wines will be able to satisfy your pallet.

With the amount of travel reduced, it could be more difficult to visit the best places for wine. However, you will not have to worry about traveling as we have listed the best wines from the most popular vineyards on the planet. Whether it is through Europe, South Africa, Latin America, or the United States, you are sure to discover your new favorite today.

The good thing is that we have also included wines from lesser known vineyards, which have grown to impress many wine enthusiasts.

Although our wine list is not exhaustive, it does list the wines that are among the most favorite based on value and quality.

In order to provide a great way to enjoy the year, we have listed 17 wines that we know you will enjoy as much as we have enjoyed listing them.

1. 2019 Loveblock Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

From Kim Crawford comes this specialized blend of organic flavors all wrapped in a wine. With a myriad of taste, the Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc has become enjoyed by many due its exquisite aromas and balanced nature. Having a wine like this displays why the Sauvignon Blanc has become famous.

2. 2017 Weingut Prieler Johannesshohe Blaufrankisch

This Blaufrankisch has become a real crowd pleaser, which provides a rich, acidic flavor. It has both a spicy kick mixed with a nice juiciness that is best served chill. Not only is the Blaufrankisch a great addition to any occasion, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3. 2019 Sottimano Mate Rosso

Another pleasant tasting wine is this Brachetto, which will provide a nice zing. It grabs your pallet and does not let go as you get a nice taste of herbs. Ensure that it is chilled for best results, and goes perfectly with fish, veggie, or meat carpaccio.

4. 2019 Treleaven Cabernet Franc

This Treleaven Cabernet Franc has proven that it can prosper in any climate and makes its home within the Finger Lakes area and provides the most pleasant scents found in a wine along with the moist mouthwatering juices the palate can imagine. This red is great served chill and goes perfect with hamburgers.

5. 2018 Cristom Pinot Noir

No matter how you prefer it, having a Pinot Noir such as this has the possibility to provide the best wine experience. It is a nice, dense wine that provides a great bite and a fruity opulence.

6. 2017 Espectacle Del Montsant

Having a Spanish wine like this one has great balance even though its alcohol content is on the high side. Its flavors are jam packed with blueberry and blackberry, as well as a modest orange savoring.

7. 2019 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio

As a great alternative for your favorite Pinot Grigio, you will love the low price that goes with this wine. Along with its screw top, it incorporates a pleasant punch as well as a distinct fruitiness, which allows it to be a smooth drink and can be added to most events or get togethers.

8. 2019 Ridgecrest Estate Gruner Veltliner

Besides being a great region for Pinot Noir, this Ridgecrest Estate Gruner Veltliner shows that it has what it takes to be one of the Willamette’s best wines. With an acidity and depth that is both divine and subtle, it gives a perfect mix of pear and citrus that is nice and creamy.

9. 2017 Beau Rivage Chenin Blanc

This Chenin Blanc comes from California’s Beau Rivage and gives an airy tartness that will remind you of your favorite apple tart. It will grab your taste buds while sharing its aromas of lime and green apple that maintains its zestiest sides.

10. 2017 Jefferson Vineyards Cabernet Franc

With a Jefferson Vineyards Cabernet Franc, you get a wine that has a delicious taste either chilled or not. It shines with fruit flavors, as well as a hint of black pepper and meat.

11. 2019 Gundlach-Bundschu Estate Vineyard Gewurztraminer

With this Gewurztraminer, all Reisling fans will love its smell of black pepper, pears, honey, and white flowers that intensifies the overall taste. Not only will these flavors be appreciated but you will also love the drinkability and balance that allows you to pair it with dishes that have a spicy influence.

12. 2019 Bodegas Avancia Godello

The Godello is often ignored but this Spanish wine provides the perfect variety to the White wine family. This is definitely a great choice to try if you have yet to try it. You will love the smell of flowers and pear as you will be craving it before you even decide to pour some. Thankfully, it is thirst quenching, which is interesting to say the least. It bursts with fizzy flavors and a high amount of vibrancy as well as having an above average alcohol content, which makes it a great pair with any type of meal.

13. 2015 Valle Dell’Acate Cerasuolo Di Vittoria Classico Docg

The best part about this blend of red bliss is that it can be enjoyed any time of the year. Whether it’s at room temperature or chilled, this wine will be able to provide great pairings with many different meats. Regardless, the taste of this wine will not be overpowering and will not take away from the meal that you are enjoying along with it. The wine provides a cherry smell and the taste is equal to that as you enjoy it. It does have a distinct chewiness, but it is able to withstand any protein that you have.

14. 2017 Dutton –Goldfield Dutton Ranch Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is a fresh, bright, and lean wine that comes from the Russian River Valley that provides an even amount of acidic taste. With this, you will enjoy the taste of fruit along with buttery and oak accents to keep everything even.

15. 2018 Enroute Brumaire Chardonnay

This Chardonnay combines vanilla, butterscotch, and banana chips to a mellow oak smell. You can pretty much combine it along with any salad or California cheeses such as goat and chicken that has been grilled and walnuts. It truly does make America’s wine future seem bright.

16. 2019 Chateau Peyrassol Cotes de Povence

Strawberries and flowers fill this wine as you get a good smell of it. Although the taste is considered dry, it still provides refreshing, juicy, and fruity characteristics. As far as being a rose is concerned, this wine is able to uniquely combine the taste of fruits, wet rocks, and pepper.

17. 2016 Alpha Estate Vieilles Vignes Single Block Reserve Xinomavro

The Alpha Estate can be found in Macedonia, Greece and putting out some of the best wines that are delicious since their humble beginnings in 1997. The entire wine is perfectly balanced and the acidity levels are just right for the tartness to shine without being overpowering. It has a rich texture that instills freshness without expressing too much tannic. It also keeps the flavor lingering with pepper and fruits. The flavors resemble Barolo, but will only be half the price of what other similar wines are at.