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Holiday Gift Baskets

Thu, Oct 27, 22

The Best Wine And Cheese Holiday Gift Baskets For Your Loved Ones When the holidays come around, we always seem to struggle with what we should get our loved ones. But when you have a great idea in mind, such as a cheese and wine basket, then you can relax knowing that you have a simple gift idea. Even if your recipients are not wine drinkers, they will still be able to respect the fact that you gave them a wonderful gift basket.

Besides this, if you have other loved ones that you know would really enjoy receiving one, then going with a wine and cheese gift basket will be the perfect route to go.

It goes without saying that wine and cheese make a great pair. Plus, having cheese by itself makes for a nice solo treat.

Today though, we will be spotlighting a few of the tastiest gift baskets that you will be happy to receive during the holidays. The best part is that they all provide more than just the wine and cheeses.

With a lot of possibilities for the gift basket, you will love that many different items have been added to them to go along with the cheeses and wines.

Although you may disagree with the choice of cheese that gets paired, you can have fun trying to determine the reason why certain cheeses go good with certain wine.

Exclusive Cheese and Wine Crate

Everybody likes cheese with their wine and with this exclusive crate you get a great pinot gris on top of the Chive Squeaky Bee Curds, Gouda, Sartori BellaVitano, SeaHive Cheese, Oregonzola Blue Cheese.

Simple White Wine Basket

When you pair a nice pinot grigio and a mouthwatering Mountain View Cheese, you get a combination that you will savor each evening during the summer months. Plus, throw in some garlic sausage, snack mix, and some crackers and you will have a nice snack party on your hands.

The Rose Fruity Wine Crate

This crate is a great gift to give for any occasion where a girlfriend, bridesmaids, or for anybody who loves the rose. This will be greatly appreciated as they enjoy the fruitiness with some nice cookies and water crackers.

Sunshine Basket with Wine

This is perfect for any picnic where you have a nice pinot gris together with a stimulating white cheddar, pretzels, and baklava as the sun shines down on you. Not only that, but the recipient of this gift basket will surely get additional use out of the basket itself.

Best Wishes Wine and Hearty Bites Basket

Giving best wishes is always appreciated and you can also let them know you are thinking of them by sending them this gift basket filled with farmhouse cheddar, summer sausage, California Chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon.

Wine and Cheese with Apples and Pears

Combine some Pinot Gris with apples and pears and you have a perfect combination for the summer. With this great basket, it can’t be stressed enough of how great it is. Plus, the gouda wheel seals the deal.

California’s Best Wine Crate

With both a Chardonnay and pinot noir, having this gift basket can be equaled to a subtle taste of the Napa Valley. But of course it gets taken up a notch by adding the toffee pretzels and Mission Jack Blend cheese.

Red Wine Duet from Century Cellars Basket

This red wine basket provides two bottles along with Godiva milk chocolate caramels, sesame crackers, toffee nuts, mustard, steak bites, caramel popcorn, caramel sea salt cookies, and herb and garlic cheese.

Sonoma Tower Gift Basket with Wine

Having variety can be a good thing and having a nice Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon with some sweet and salty treats that breaks up the wines subtleness.

Hand-crafted Wine Basket

When you pair your favorite red wine with this basket you are giving a great holiday gift. You will be able to remain warm on the coldest winter nights.

California Wine Tours Basket

This holiday gift basket will provide a mix of DeLoach Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir wine with Vigilance Cabernet Sauvignon, and Parducci Small Lot Chardonnay.

Sicilian Cheese and Wine Basket

This Sicilian basket provides additional items and not just your regular snacks and wine. It is a great option if you want to send a little bit more than the usual. This basket will certainly provide a genuine Sicilian taste. Besides items that are traditionally included, this wine basket comes with plates, knives, markers, and a cutting board. This basket also permits you to include your wine of choice or include more items.

Gift Crate of Cheese and Wine

This gift crate is not what one would think of when it comes to a cheese and wine gift basket, but it is still appealing none the less.

Without having the bulkiness of a basket, the crate is transportable and can be easily wrapped. It includes all of the items normally found that allows you to love the cheese and wine, such as crackers, olives, chocolate, and cutting board with knife.

A Box of Chardonnay

This box of Chardonnay is a great gift idea that won’t make things difficult. It is a simple gift and includes Chardonnay and some snacks. Being a simple gift shows the recipient the amount of love that you have towards them.

Cheese and Wine Picnic Set Gift Basket

Cheese and wine are always seen as part of a great picnic setting and it becomes even better when everything else is included.

With this picnic set, you get crackers, cheese, salami, and a couple of wine bottles.

All of the necessary picnic items are also added in order to make the picnic experience such as napkins, knife, wine glasses, and the cooler.

It also has extra space for more items, so you can have it filled with as many things as you desire.

The Grand Cheese and Wine Basket

There is nothing wrong with spoiling loved ones and this basket makes certain that it happens. Not only does it provide a huge choice of snacks that pair well, but also includes items such as smoked almonds, salami, and olives and of course cheese and other items that taste cheesy.

Wine with Three Cheeses

This gift is one that will provide for anybody who loves cheese. Not only is it simple, but it is also exquisite. With three cheeses they also include wine and biscuits that are nicely gathered in a decorative crate.

Autumn Wine with Meat and Cheese

This gift has a perfect amount of snacks, wine, meat, and cheese. The great thing is that meat is added so the intensity of it gets turned up. Plus, who ever said there is no meat that can pair well with cheeses and wines?

This is why salami and sausage are both provided. Not only that, but other snack items are included as well as a cutting board.

Traditional Wine and Cheese Basket

If you want to blow someone away, then this will be the way to go.

With this basket, it is an impressive selection to give. With a multitude of cheeses, biscuits, and chutneys, they all go quite well with the wine. It is nicely loaded in a hamper that is reusable for many other things.

Lake Joseph Cheese and Wine Board

This board is not considered a gift basket, but it does represent one as far as features are concerned. This means there are snacks and wine being provided as well as cheeses and crackers. It also includes cheese knives and a board. It also allows for upgrades or additions.

White Wine and Tillamook Cheese Holiday Basket

There are many instances where smaller is better such as this holiday basket. With this basket, you won’t have to figure out if it has things that you like. The amount of items is just about right and it will not break the bank in the process. This is great to know for thoe on a strict budget.