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Rosé Taste Guide

Sun, Dec 04, 22  |  wine

Rosé all day, that is our motto. However, just like red and white wines, there are several varieties of rosé wines each with their own taste and aroma profiles. So if you think any rosé is a good rosé, you’re right, but some may be better suited to your preferences.

The first question you must ask yourself is, “Do I want a sweet wine?” If the answer is no, stick to dry rosé options which have a fruity, but not sweet, taste. These would include Sangiovese, Pinot Noir and Grenache blended wines. On the other end of the spectrum are sweet rosé wines like Pink Moscato, White Zinfandel and White Merlot.

In general, a good rule to remember is the lighter colors will be sweeter while the darker colors will be more savory – though all tend to have a bit of fruity sweetness to them.

Now, as to the fruit taste profiles. Here is a handy chart to help you decide which rosé should go home with you the next time you are at the store.

Still not sure what wine is right for you? Stop into any of our Big Red Liquors locations and ask a knowledgeable and friendly employee. You’ll find them, they’ve probably already asked if they can help you anyway! Tell them what you’re looking for or what you like to drink and they will help you choose the perfect bottle from our massive selection (whether rosé or anything else). Cheers!

Many thanks to the good people at Wine Folly for help in researching the content of this post.

By Jayne Reed

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