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Valentine Cocktails to Love

February in Indiana can mean many things like Black History Month, Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, or horrible, cold, bitter weather that… we digress. The great news is there are no broken hearts here at Big Red Liquors over the list of Valentine Cocktails we have assembled that contain ingredients which are currently […]

Dark Beer Guide

Fall is upon us and if history is our guide winter is soon to follow. For many beer drinkers this means the time to put away the light summer beers and start thinking dark. Dark beers have a reputation for being heavy, full of calories and drinking more like a meal than a beverage. But […]

House Party Beer Calculator

Football season, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years. Do you need more reasons to host a party at your abode? OK, how about World Peace Day (Nov 17), French Toast Day (Nov 28), International Monkey Day (Dec 14) or just because you want to? There are more than enough reasons to host a […]

Don’t Skip These Beers

Hidden Craft Beer Delights Many who walk into a Big Red Liquors store already know what they’re looking for. And that’s okay! They pick up some red wine, a nice bottle of bourbon or a six-pack of their favorite brew and head out. But, we wanted to give you some inside information about a few […]

How Cold Is Your Beer?

A Guide to Keeping Your Beer at the Right Temperature Beer should be cold, right? It’s not exactly rocket science. Cold drinks taste better. Beer is a drink. Therefore, drink cold beer. You are onto something there. But have you ever wondered if all beer should be the same temperature or not? After all, “cold” […]

Beer Trivia

So you’re a fan of beer, but it’s not exactly your lifeblood. Well, there is room for you both in our stores and on our blog! For fun, we created this trivia not for know-it-all beer geeks, but for average appreciators of alcoholic drinks. Write down your answers and check them against the answers at […]

Top 10 Summer Beers

Choosing the perfect summer brew is an art. You must take everything into account: what is the weather like, what activities are you doing, are you grilling out? Most importantly, what style and taste profile do you prefer? There is no one perfect summer beer because what you drink while standing in the sun at […]

Summer Punch Recipes

7 Punch Recipes To Kickstart Your Party Having a big bowl of adult punch (you know, with alcohol) is a great way to entertain your guests with a delicious concoction without having to serve as bartender all night. But you don’t have to stick with a traditional wedding punch with a splash of rum. No, […]

Top 5 Race Day Beers

5 Must-Have Beers for Your Race Day Cooler The month of May is a celebration of all the best things. Warm weather, camping, cookouts, sitting outside with your friends and listening to music. And, of course, in Indiana it all comes together Memorial Day weekend for the Indy 500. This year’s 100th running of the […]

Cinco De Mayo Beer

5 South of the Border Beers for Cinco de Mayo The people in modern-day Mexico were brewing their beer long before Europeans arrived with their styles of barley-based beer. Instead, the natives used fermented corn in their production. Today, Mexican beer is sold in over 150 countries. There are micro-brews just like in the U.S., […]