Champagne How-To

Champagne Uncorking and Pouring Tips

Get ready for a champagne-themed Big Red Quick Fix! Here’s your 2-minute lesson on how to open and pour the perfect glass of champagne, just in time for New Year’s.

Opening Champagne

  1. 1.  Only open chilled bottles (warm champagne is more likely to build pressure)
  2. 2.  It doesn’t matter how you see it on TV, never shake the bottle before opening
  3. 3.  Place a kitchen towel over the cork and cup the cork in the palm of your hand
  4. 4.  Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle pointing away from your face, your friends’ faces, your pets and that picture of Grandma
  5. 5.  Twist the bottle, not the cork, until it pops open
  6. 6.  And never ever use a corkscrew to open a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine

Pouring Champagne

  1. 1.  Pour a one inch “pillow” of champagne in the bottom of a champagne flute*
  2. 2.  Then, hold the flute at an angle and fill the flute
  3. 3.  The “pillow” helps reduce the amount of bubbles that build up as you pour making sure it doesn’t overflow and waste the good stuff.

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