Cinco De Mayo Beer

5 South of the Border Beers for Cinco de Mayo

The people in modern-day Mexico were brewing their beer long before Europeans arrived with their styles of barley-based beer. Instead, the natives used fermented corn in their production. Today, Mexican beer is sold in over 150 countries. There are micro-brews just like in the U.S., but over 90% of beer sold in Mexico comes from one of two large breweries.

That can make it hard to find a lot of variety in liquor stores the way you will find with American beer – especially when it comes to Corona Extra (aka the most imported beer in America). That being said, there is no shortage of good choices for you as you get ready to kick off May with a Cinco de Mayo blast

Here are five of our favorites!

Dos Equis Amber

This drinker-friendly beer has a hint of chocolate notes and is a little darker than the Dos Equis Lager that is also very popular in Mexico and the U.S.

Negra Modelo

Most people know Modela from their white cans. But this version is a darker beer (that tastes like a light beer). A little more bitter than traditional Modela, it goes great with meats grilled to perfection.

Victoria Amber

Brewed at Mexico’s largest brewery (home of Tecate, Corona and more) this amber lager is as easy to drink as their more well-known counterparts, but has a bit more flavor to it. Plus, at only 4% ABV, you can drink and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo party for longer.


A lager with a bit of boldness to it. Don’t add lime to this one; it is robust enough to stand on its own. Bohemia offers a couple of variations, including a Chocolate version, but stick with Clasico for Cinco.

Corona Familiar

The brewer says it’s the same as the traditional Corona we all know. But whether they are hiding a secret ingredient or the dark bottle color protects the beer inside (light is not good for beer), one thing is for sure: Corona Familiar is a must-have for outdoor celebrations.

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