Drinks You’ll LOVE

Whether you like it or not, love is in the air, so why not stir up a tasty cocktail to celebrate? Whether you’re hosting a party, having a romantic night with your significant other, or toasting to the single life, we’ve got a round-up of lovely libations that’ll make you feel the l-o-v-e.

The Paloma (recipe via Bon Appetit)

Is your margarita blushing, or are you just happy to see me? Salt-rimmed or sugar-rimmed this drink is beloved in Mexico, and for a good reason! Did we mention it’s pink?

The Dirty Shirley (recipe via Stir and Scribble)

Oh, Shirley! You classy lady, you’ve been with me since I was a little girl. A Shirley Temple is the first drink I ever ordered at a bar. Really! My dad worked in restaurants throughout my early childhood and I remember bellying up to the bar, (before the restaurants were open), ordering this drink, and feeling like a real pro.

Pink Gin Fizz (recipe via Martha Stewart)

Raise a glass to sunny days and balmy nights with this refreshing gin-and-pink-grapefruit cocktail, made with a Simple Syrup you can keep on hand in the fridge.

Bittersweet Hot Chocolate with Red Wine (Recipe via Saveur)

Chocolate. Red wine. Two things we associate with love and romance, so why not combine them? We love nibbling dark chocolate alongside a glass of red wine; the two flavors combined in a warming hot chocolate is an unexpected treat.

This Valentine’s Day, that last thing you want to do is leave your love lair to pick up a bottle of booze. Cuddle up next to the fire and enjoy a romantic evening in with delivery service.

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