Fall is for Scotch

Does Scotch taste different in the fall? No. Does Scotch taste better in the fall? Most definitely.

There is something about the smoky and woody flavors of Scotch whiskey that warms the soul as the weather begins to cool. The malted barley beverage typically has a bit of a floral and earthy taste to it as well, depending on what region of Scotland it hails from. The varieties of Scotch are vast, and there is certainly one that is right for you. And we have a few great choices for you to select. But first, let’s discuss a few things.


Scotch aficionados will drink out of a tulip-shaped glass and swear it is the only way. However, in our experience (which is ample) you can enjoy a nice drink in a simple tumbler.

The Question of Water

Ask any Scotchman and he will tell you he puts a splash of water in his Scotch. It opens up the flavor, takes a bit of the burn away without losing the impact Scotch is known for. Putting ice in your Scotch, however, is generally frowned upon as the spirit is typically enjoyed at room temperature.

Regional Flavor Profiles

As mentioned before, the area of Scotland where the Scotch is distilled can vary the flavors dramatically due to the types malt used. There are five primary regions of Scotch distilleries: Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay.

  • Highland – Spicy characteristics with fruity Scotch coming in the southern part of the Highland region.
  • Lowland – Lightly bodied and smooth.
  • Speyside – Rich and sweet; it is considered to be the most complex of Scotch regions.
  • Campbeltown – Peat-forward with a bit of salty brine to the taste.
  • Islay – Strong and smoky.

What We Recommend

Take it from us, you will want to enjoy these fine spirits in a comfy leather chair or sitting around a firepit on the back patio.  

Click any of the above to order your own bottle delivered right to your door, or stop in at one of our Big Red Liquors locations and browse our full selection of fine Scotch. Then sit back and learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of a mighty drink while you say “hello” to Fall.

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