Five “Spirited” Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up and what better gift to get Dad than a nice bottle of his favorite spirit?  

Whether dear dad is fine bourbon connoisseur, lives for his gin martini or prefers sipping delicious tequilas, we have something for everyone. And if all that seems a little confusing, our Spirits Glossary and our list below should point you in the right direction.


There are bourbons for just about every taste. An easy favorite would be a rye whiskey. Rye whiskey is distilled from at least 51% rye. Rye is a type of grass that is a member of the wheat family,  closely related to barley. Solid go-tos in this category are High West Double Rye and Bulleit Rye. This would be a welcome gift at any Father’s Day celebration.


Maybe Dad prefers to sit back with a dram of good scotch whiskey. Scotch whiskey blends are a mixture of about 40 percent malt and 60 percent grain whiskey, while single malts are 100% from a single distillery. An excellent scotch doesn’t have to break the band. Glenfiddich provides a full line of single malt scotch whiskies for every budget.


A neutral alcohol base flavored with the juniper berry, gin has always had a place in most liquor cabinets. A great choice here would be Hendricks Gin which is not only flavored with juniper but also with cucumber and Bulgarian rose. It would most certainly have dad smiling and reaching for the martini glasses.


Few things are nicer than a high-quality sipping tequila. If tequila seems right up your Dad’s alley, we have plenty of options to choose from. Tequila is generally available in three categories: Blanco (no wood aging), Reposado and Anejo. A popular choice would be Don Julio Blanco Tequila, a lighter style with a hint of citrus.

Bottled-in-bond whiskey

Last but not least, the almost perfect Father’s Day gift – a bottle of bottled-in-bond whiskey, the combination of whiskey and the government. A bottled-in-bond whiskey is at least a 100 proof straight bourbon whiskey that has aged two or more years in a bonded warehouse kept under federal lock and key. All bottled-in-bond whiskey bears a green government stamp. A bottle of Old Forester bottled-in-bond will likely go a long way in getting your dad to forgive the time you accidentally dented his new car.

Win this Father’s Day by giving the dads in your life something they will really enjoy! No, that doesn’t mean a tie, another watch or something else that will stay in a drawer or closet. A nice bottle of booze will make him think of you every time he relaxes with a nice pour of his favorite beverage.

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