Gifts for Wine Lovers

Tis’ the season of gift giving and celebration! Holiday shopping can be difficult but giving the gift of wine or wine accessories will never go out of style. Whether it’s a gift of celebratory champagne or some special item that will expand the knowledge of the oenophile in your life, these gifts are sure to make wine lovers smile.

The Wine Buff: Perfect, water-spot free wine glasses takes time and skill…or a Wine Buff! These microfiber towels will not only make sure your glasses sparkle and stay guest ready, but they can also improve your wine knowledge skills. These handy clothes also feature maps of Napa Valley and Sonoma with trivia and sommelier-written notes.

The Wine Odyssey: For some, wine is a serious hobby. These serious wine fans would love a subscription to wine consultant John Foy’s weekly newsletter. Each one features in depth knowledge on a specific wine topic. Along with the articles comes specialized tasting notes and suggestions on the best wines for your cellar.

Private Preserve: Occasionally, wine drinkers open a bottle and need to preserve it. Once a bottle of wine is opened, oxygen comes into play and begins the chemical reaction known as oxidation. Once that happens, wines lose their brightness, color and flavor. Private Preserve is a mix of heavy gases that cover the wine and prevent oxidation meaning you can open a bottle for a glass without finishing it.

Coravin Model Eight: while certainly more of a splurge gift, this device allows wine drinkers to taste their finest wines before opening them. The thin needle is pushed through the cork. According to the website, the user then “presses the trigger to pressurize and release it to pour wine into your glass. Remove the needle by pulling the system straight up. The cork will reseal naturally and continue to protect the wine for many future pours to come.”

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses: Do you have both a music and wine lover? Well, we have you covered. “Fill the goblet to the desired note, and run your finger around the rim of the glass…Soon, your finger will cause the glass to vibrate, and a crystal-clear note will sound.”

Wine (From Big Red LIquors): true some of the accessories above are great gifts. But a great bottle of wine, can’t be beat. Consult our glossary for terms to help with your selection or ask your local Big Red liquors wine expert! Whether it’s a Napa cabernet, bubbly prosecco, or a great chardonnay, (or all three with the Power Buy!) your wine-lover will love and enjoy this gift.

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