Must­ Have Wines for Summer Cookouts

It’s finally summer, and that means time for backyard cookouts! You’ve got the grill fired up and your friends are on the way. You’ve got the burgers, the chicken, a cooler full of beer and….wine? It may not be your regular go-­to beverage for drinking between games of cornhole, but the right wine can make a big difference. Stick with us and you’ll have your most die hard beer drinker sneaking sips of your vino.

Summer Whites

In the summer heat, a chilled white wine can be incredibly refreshing. Sauvignon Blanc, a dry and crisp white, can range from earthy to more citrus forward flavors. It’s a great, easy varietal that won’t overpower your food. It provides a solid compliment to lighter dishes like fish. Another wonderful white wine to have on hand is a Reisling. One of the most versatile grapes in the world, a good Riesling can deliver just the right flavor to accompany a great barbecue chicken recipe.

Summer Reds

Yes, you can drink reds in the summer! Few things can best compliment summer cook out food like steaks or burgers like a classic Syrah. Syrah, or Shiraz, it’s the same thing, are known for peppery, blackberry flavors but that varies depending on region. Another red wine to have available for your guests is a Cotes Du Rhone. It’s a light red that works great paired with the heavy flavors of ribs. It’s also one that works best cooled down ­ so chill it!

Summer Rosés

Few things say summer like a perfectly cool glass of rosé. Seriously, it screams it. One of the most versatile wines around, rosé can satisfy almost any palette. Some bottles are bone­ dry, but others have more semi­ sweet finish. Make sure you have one (or three!) on ice.

The Big Red Power Buy

The best news? You don’t have to pick. You can get something for everyone with the Big Red Power Buy. Mix and match any wines ending in .97 and get 20% off all three! This special program is  available in all Big Red Liquors’ stores.

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