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A Guide to Keeping Your Beer at the Right Temperature

Beer should be cold, right? It’s not exactly rocket science. Cold drinks taste better. Beer is a drink. Therefore, drink cold beer.

You are onto something there. But have you ever wondered if all beer should be the same temperature or not? After all, “cold” is subjective, but the impact temperature has on the taste of your beer is fairly objective. Think of wine, which has different serving suggestions for a Cabernet Sauvignons as opposed to a Pinot Gris.

Beer has a suggested serving temperature based on the style, alcohol content and body. So if you’ve been drinking your wheats and your sours at the same temperature, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Let’s take a highly acidic beer like an IPA, for example. Colder temperatures for this brew will bring out the acidic notes and push malty flavors to the back. Since it’s already highly acidic, drinking a super-cold IPA will be quite bitter. On the other hand, malt is brought forward by warmer temperatures. So malty beers can be balanced by serving colder (if you want to balance it out, that is).

Here is a handy guide to ideal temperatures for beer varieties.

Source: CraftBeerTemple

So even though our massive in-store beer fridges have all of your favorite beers stored the same, that doesn’t mean you should drink them at the same temperatures. Storing is one thing, drinking is another. And we want you to enjoy every single unique note of the beer you buy from Big Red Liquors.
So stop in, say hello and get a few beers to enjoy with dinner, while you are relaxing or hanging with a few friends. Just remember to take your IPAs out of the fridge a few minutes before you crack it open.

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