Pizza + Beer Pairings

Whether it’s a house party or a relaxing weekend, nothing beats pizza and beer for having a good time. But don’t just drink whatever’s near you when you tear into a pie. Be smart and think about how beer can enhance the pizza experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The Basics

Eric Lorberfeld, owner of Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe, New York tells Pizza Magazine (yeah, that’s a thing) “The right beer will stand up to the acidic tang of the tomato and cut through the fatty cheese, creating harmony between flavors and textures. For basic pizzas, lagers and pilsners match best, mainly because the spicy hop character contrasts nicely with the cheese, and the malty finish and crisp carbonation cleanse the palate after each bite/sip.”

Pairing by Toppings

If you want to match the toppings of your pizza to the beer you are enjoying, then here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Veggie Pizza + IPA

A hoppy IPA will be bitter enough to play down the cheese profile and enhance the taste of peppers, onion, mushrooms and olives.

Meat-Heavy Pizza + Scotch Ales or American Pale Ales

Scotch ales have a maltiness to them that will ease, but not hide, the greasy goodness off meat-stuffed pizza. The herbs in Italian sausage and other meats could also be heightened by a hoppy American-style Pale Ale.

Cheese Pizza + Kolsch

Well balanced, light and clean, a Kolsch-style beer will be a simple and effective pair with a plain old cheese pie.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza + Smoked Porters

Smoke goes with smoke! No explanation needed.

Hawaiian Pizza + Golden Ales

Golden blonde ales have a malty sweetness which pairs well with pineapple or with a sweet BBQ sauce (if that’s your style on a Hawaiian Pizza). However, the hops will also help tone down the acidity of the pineapple allowing you to taste more of that sweet flavor action.

More Pairing Inspiration

Serious Eats has a great rundown of a few beer geeks’ favorite pizza pairings for everything from delivery pepperoni (Negro Modelo sounds like the best option with that) to ham and pineapple (a smoky brew is suggested).

Delivering the Entire Party 

Now that your pizza is on the way don’t forget to order the booze. It works just like pizza delivery; only it’s alcohol and supplies delivered to your door within an hour. Sign up and start shopping today!

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