Top 10 Summer Beers

Choosing the perfect summer brew is an art. You must take everything into account: what is the weather like, what activities are you doing, are you grilling out? Most importantly, what style and taste profile do you prefer?

There is no one perfect summer beer because what you drink while standing in the sun at an outdoor concert isn’t necessarily what you want to down while sitting around a campfire eating hot dogs. No, you need the perfect summer beers, as in plural, many, multiple, more than one, you get the point. With that, we give you our top 10 Summer Beer list for you to review.

Top 10 Summer Beers

10) Magic Hat Low Key Session – Perfect for sitting around a campfire and relaxing.

9) Widmer Brother Hefe Shandy – Light and refreshing, this will keep you cool when it gets hot.

8) Lagunitas IPA – Citrus with a bit of bite from the hops. A wonderful summer (or fall, or spring or winter) choice.

7) Coney Island Orange Cream Ale – Like a bit of the sweet life? Go with this hard soda.

6) Sierra Nevada Summerfest – It’s right there in the name. Crisp and dry, this is one for music fests.

5) Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler – Fruit juice and beer mixed together? Yup!

4) Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale – Indianapolis’ own star of the brewery world makes one of the best summer ales you can buy.

3) Brooklyn Summer Ale – This English style pale ale is perfect for barbecues.

2) Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ – A hoppy wheat ale with a bit of hefeweizen finish to it. Smooth and easy.

1) Bell’s Oberon – An American wheat ale with fruit and a spicy hop character. It is the summer beer you must have.

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