Top 5 Race Day Beers

5 Must-Have Beers for Your Race Day Cooler

The month of May is a celebration of all the best things. Warm weather, camping, cookouts, sitting outside with your friends and listening to music. And, of course, in Indiana it all comes together Memorial Day weekend for the Indy 500.

This year’s 100th running of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing will be the biggest party the track has seen in, well, ever! Race fans and partygoers alike will crowd the track for a celebration like we’ve never seen. And the best thing about that party? It’s BYOB.

Per Indianapolis Motor Speedway Gate Policy, coolers can be no larger than 18”x14”x14” (not that you’d want to carry around anything larger than that anyway). Soft sided or hard sided coolers are both fine. Just remember that no glass containers are allowed.

Make the most of your cooler space with a variety of beer options perfect for all-day outdoor fun. This means staying away from high ABV beers or heavy brews like smoked porters. Instead, think light, refreshing, easy to drink and oh so delicious. Plus, a good old American beer is a necessity when it’s Memorial Day weekend and you’re surrounded by 250,000 people saluting the stars and stripes.

Here are 5 must-have beers for your race day cooler:

Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale

It has Sun in the name twice, what else do you need to know about its outdoor party credentials? Enjoy this popular local beer in its native habitat: Under the sun with all of your friends.

Oskar Blues Pinner IPA

For the hop hounds, this is a tasty brew that will not burn your taste buds even after a few. An aroma of citrus, tropical fruits and spice berry will keep you coming back for more.

BRL 72 Lager or Lite Lager

We wouldn’t put our name on it if it wasn’t worthy of your cooler. Named in honor of Big Red Liquors’ founding in 1972, these inexpensive but tasty beers are made for enjoying outdoors.

Upland Champagne Velvet

This American-style pilsner is brewed down in Bloomington and goes down smooth when served ice cold straight from a frosty cooler.

Goose Island 312

This wheat ale has just enough of a hint of fruit and a creamy body. It is perfect for enjoying during a mid-day snack as you recharge and get ready for the finish to the race.

Happy May, Indiana! It’s your time to shine. Whether you’re going to the race or attending a backyard cookout this Memorial Day, your first stop is at Big Red Liquors. For you race day partiers, remember to work in a water every now and then. Race Day is a marathon not a sprint. Be responsible, look out for one another and enjoy the race!

Pro Tip: Avoid the liquor store crowds the week of the race and schedule your Race Day provisions to be delivered right to your door.

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