Big Red VIP

Become a Big Red VIP and start earning BIG RED BUCKs Today! 

Sign up at your nearest Big Red Liquors.

o   BE THE FIRST to hear about new products, special offers, exclusive events, and sales!


o   Use your BIG RED BUCKS to BUY qualifying non-alcoholic items


Present your VIP REWARDS CARD at checkout to EARN points on participating products. We’ll then credit your account with BIG RED BUCKS. 


Q: How do I know how many BIG RED BUCKS I have and when I can spend them?

A: Your accumulated BIG RED BUCKS will appear at the bottom of your receipt. Once you have a total of $1.00 BRB’s you can start cashing them in.

Q: When will my purchase show up as BIG RED BUCKS?

A: BIG RED BUCKS are applied within 24 hours of purchase. So, new accumulations to BRB’s will be available the next day after purchase.

Q: What items EARN REWARDS?

A: VIP Reward Members can EARN BRB’s on most product purchases including wine, sprits, beer, food, accessories, gift baskets, tobacco, and lottery. BRL can exclude individual items, or assign double points at any time. Items that do NOT EARN Rewards are gift card purchases, event ticket purchases, and other exclusions may apply.

Q: What Can I buy with my BIG RED BUCKS?

A: BIG RED BUCKS CAN BUY any qualifying non-alcoholic beverages, food items, glassware, accessories and promotional service items. BIG RED BUCKS CANNOT BUY any alcoholic item (wine, spirit, or beer), tobacco, lottery, gift baskets, gift card purchases, other exclusions may apply.

Q: How do I sign up to be a VIP Member?

A: Sign ups are done in-store only. Visit your nearest Big Red Liquors to become a VIP Member.

Q: Can Employees Participate in the program?

A: Employees can be VIP Members and earn points and redeem BIG RED BUCKS on participating non-alcoholic items, however additional EXCLUSIONS apply. Employees cannot spend BRB’s for promotional lottery items.

We’re super excited about the VIP REWARDS that REWARDS YOU EVERY TIME YOU SHOP!

For more information see Big Red VIP Terms. Responsibly serving you since 1972. All valid ID holders, 21 years and older of legal drinking age and meeting appropriate state laws are eligible for Big Red VIP card.