Ya Got Any Blanton’s?

If ONLY we had a nickel for how many times we were asked this! Not that we blame anyone, Blanton’s is in fact very delicious, but almost impossible to get as every bottle is snatched up within hours, so if you’re looking for a special gift, we’d like to give you a few BLANTON’S ALTERNATIVES.

First off, what is Blanton’s??? It’s a 94 proof single barrel from Buffalo Trace aged somewhere between 6 and 8 years with a 12-15% rye mashbill. So, it is in fact a relatively STANDARD expression of bourbon, it just happens to hit the sweet spot in several ways. It utilizes Buffalo Traces higher rye mashbill #2.

So, what stacks up when you can’t find Blanton’s

  1. Almost any high end expression of Woodford or Old Forester. The Brown Forman mashbill is 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% barley malt. My favorite expression is 1910 or 1920 from the Whiskey Row series. These are sufficiently nice gifts if you are looking to give them, so you’re Blanton’s lover won’t be disappointed. I also LOVE our Woodford Reserve Double Oak Private Selection for $69.99. It’s packed with brown sugar sweetness and a touch of extra freshly cut oak. 1920 is 93 proof and Woodford Double Oak is 90.4 proof so they are pretty close to Blanton’s on that front.
  2. Blade & Bow. While the mashbill is not disclosed, the 91 proof, and flavor profile and age profile will get you pretty close. The sweet vanilla, light rye spice, and orchard fruit are all reminiscent, and the premium packaging make this another good for your Blanton’s loving friend to “try on” without embarrassment.
  3. Baker’s Bourbon – at 13% rye, AND a single barrel, AND 7 years old, Baker’s may be EXACTLY the closest thing to Blanton’s. It’s higher proof of course at 107, but then that’s just like Weller Antique so you get the best of both worlds. The redesign they did this year is stunning, and the juice speaks for itself.

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